Sweet Potato- Magic ingredient for longer life!

sweet potato

sweet potato recipeHi lovely people hope you guys are doing great. I had a great week as well . As its weekend i just stepped out to buy some groceries for my home. Im not a foodie nor a pro in culinary arts so im still in the learning stage about the various types of ingredients used in cooking. Today when i went to the market i thought of buying a different vegetable which is not in my usual To-Buy list. I just picked a Potato not the usual one we make but different one which looked purple in color which i have never eaten in my life nor did my mom or anyone tell me about this. So i jus checked out online to zero in some recipes to make at home. To my surprise i started to learn more about sweet potatoes. One article which made me go crazy is that it says, this is the main ingredient to live a healthy longer life which means Sweet potato is a magic portion for a longer life. And its proved in a place named Okinawa Island situated in south of japan.

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