Sweet Potato- Magic ingredient for longer life!

sweet potato

sweet potato recipeHi lovely people hope you guys are doing great. I had a great week as well . As its weekend i just stepped out to buy some groceries for my home. Im not a foodie nor a pro in culinary arts so im still in the learning stage about the various types of ingredients used in cooking. Today when i went to the market i thought of buying a different vegetable which is not in my usual To-Buy list. I just picked a Potato not the usual one we make but different one which looked purple in color which i have never eaten in my life nor did my mom or anyone tell me about this. So i jus checked out online to zero in some recipes to make at home. To my surprise i started to learn more about sweet potatoes. One article which made me go crazy is that it says, this is the main ingredient to live a healthy longer life which means Sweet potato is a magic portion for a longer life. And its proved in a place named Okinawa Island situated in south of japan.

Okinawan sweet potatoes a locally grown staple of Hawaiian cuisine, is rich in flavor and packed with nutritional benefits. Okinawans are known for their long lives. Not only do they enjoy some of the longest life expectancies in the world, but they also have one of the highest number of centenarians – people who have lived 100 years or more. the traditional Okinawa diet consists of smaller quantities of rice; instead the staple is the purple-fleshed Okinawan sweet potato which is rich in flavonoids, carotenoids, vitamin E and lycopene. swp01On average the Okinawans eat a huge amount of purple sweet potato, it was reported that they consume over half a kilo each. It’s not an ice cream truck that visits their streets, it’s the sweet potato truck… and Okinawans love purple sweet potato ice cream. It was said that the purple sweet potato helps maintain healthy blood vessels “which is important for arteries. The purple sweet potato is a rare exotic vegetable packed with Anthocynins – proteins and compounds.

They grow well in many farming conditions and have few natural enemies; pesticides are rarely needed. Sweet potatoes are grown on a variety of soils, but well-drained, light- and medium-textured soils with a pH range of 4.5-7.0 are more favorable for the plant. They can be grown in poor soils with little fertilizer. swp02However, sweet potatoes are very sensitive to aluminum toxicity and will die about six weeks after planting if lime is not applied at planting in this type of soil. Because they are sown by vine cuttings rather than seeds, sweet potatoes are relatively easy to plant. Because the rapidly growing vines shade out weeds, little weeding is needed. A commonly used herbicide to rid the soil of any unwelcome plants that may interfere with growth is DCPA, also known as Dacthal. In the tropics, the crop can be maintained in the ground and harvested as needed for market or home consumption. In temperate regions, sweet potatoes are most often grown on larger farms and are harvested before first frosts.
Raw sweet potatoes are rich in complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber and beta-carotene (a provitamin A carotenoid), while having moderate contents of other micronutrients, including vitamin B5, vitamin B6 and manganese.

swp05So guys i guess i had given you a brief knowledge about this magic ingredient which is very important for our healthy life. Hope you guys try out some interesting recipes and do let me know in the comment box below or if u have a blog regarding such recipes do share with us. Meet u guys next time with more interesting facts, Thank you,


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