Malabar Parotta with Chilli Chicken & cucumber salad

Hi all welcome to my blog again . Hope you had a great day ahead. And since the day comes to an end i had to start planning for my dinner recipe. So today’s recipe will be Malabar parotta with chilli chicken and cucumber salad.


This dish is my most favorite variety which can be preferred for dinner/lunch. The term malabar refers to kerela which is famous for its Parottas made from coconut oil. They taste really delicious and i hope you try out such combinations for your dinner/lunch.


Chilli chicken for parotta gives you spicy and tangy taste. Its a mouth watering indo-chinese recipe.


I would recommend you to include Cucumber Salad in your diet along with this recipe as cucumber Keeps you hydrated. …
Fights heat, both inside and out. …
Flushes out toxins. …
Nourishes you with vitamins. …
Supplies skin-friendly minerals: magnesium, potassium.

Here are the following recipe tutorial handpicked from various youtube channels:






Hope you would try out this dinner meal plan and let me know in comments box below. catch you all again with a new planner , take care:)



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