“French Fries Recipe – Homemade Crispy French Fries Recipe For Evening Snack” 

Hi all this is my first post , hope you like it. So let me start with simple snack recipe that can be easily made for an evening snack or for guests at home which is very crispy , tasty and delicious snack. 

Yes we are talking about the yummy Mcdonald French Fries that can be easily prepared at home in no less than 5 mins.


French fries is a quick evening snack which no kids will deny to munch on. If your running out of ideas I guess french fries will be the best option to be served hot and crispy for a rainy evening.

 It can be served with tangy tomato sauce or mayonise that suits your taste .

It can also be topped with flavoured spicy seasoning of your choice .

So let me share you a quick recipe followed by video from chef Nisha madullikas youtube channel. 

Hope you guys enjoy it . See you next time with a new recipe planner.



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