Sweet Potato- Magic ingredient for longer life!

sweet potato

sweet potato recipeHi lovely people hope you guys are doing great. I had a great week as well . As its weekend i just stepped out to buy some groceries for my home. Im not a foodie nor a pro in culinary arts so im still in the learning stage about the various types of ingredients used in cooking. Today when i went to the market i thought of buying a different vegetable which is not in my usual To-Buy list. I just picked a Potato not the usual one we make but different one which looked purple in color which i have never eaten in my life nor did my mom or anyone tell me about this. So i jus checked out online to zero in some recipes to make at home. To my surprise i started to learn more about sweet potatoes. One article which made me go crazy is that it says, this is the main ingredient to live a healthy longer life which means Sweet potato is a magic portion for a longer life. And its proved in a place named Okinawa Island situated in south of japan.

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Kitchen Utensils – Uses & Precaution of materials

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Hi lovely people, hope your doing good. Well i had been on a shopping spree to buy utensils for my kitchen.But i was so confused like which type of materials should i opt for. After doing a lot of research i had gathered a lot of info regarding kitchen utensils and the materials used to make them . So i thought i would like to share it with you guys. At the start of the 18th century kitchen utensils were commonly made of copper, with various efforts made to prevent the copper from reacting with food (particularly its acidic contents) at the temperatures used for cooking, including tinning, enamelling, and varnishing.So iron was used as a substitute, and that some utensils were made of earthenware.

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Malabar Parotta with Chilli Chicken & cucumber salad

Hi all welcome to my blog again . Hope you had a great day ahead. And since the day comes to an end i had to start planning for my dinner recipe. So today’s recipe will be Malabar parotta with chilli chicken and cucumber salad.


This dish is my most favorite variety which can be preferred for dinner/lunch. The term malabar refers to kerela which is famous for its Parottas made from coconut oil. They taste really delicious and i hope you try out such combinations for your dinner/lunch.

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“French Fries Recipe – Homemade Crispy French Fries Recipe For Evening Snack” 

Hi all this is my first post , hope you like it. So let me start with simple snack recipe that can be easily made for an evening snack or for guests at home which is very crispy , tasty and delicious snack. 

Yes we are talking about the yummy Mcdonald French Fries that can be easily prepared at home in no less than 5 mins.
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